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Our Mission:

Together in Clear Creek County, we inspire and support our youth to find their path to hope, health, and happiness.

Our Vision:

Elevating youth in Clear Creek County! 


Mountain Youth Network is a local community based coalition created to implement the Communities that Care prevention process for the benefit of young people in Clear Creek County.

The international Communities That Care (CTC) model guides communities through a proven change process.  Using prevention science as its base, CTC promotes healthy youth development.

Mountain Youth Network can improve youth outcomes by connecting young people with positive opportunities and supporting an environment in which young people can thrive.

TREK Teen Council is the youth advisor group created to inform the activities of Mountain Youth Network.  TREK is all about youth engagement.

There are many scheduled events and activities for young people in Clear Creek County. To see the entire calendar or to get more information on a specific event, click below!

Our goal is to help youth find their path, and lead them towards a successful future, so we have numerous free resources for youth (and parents) to access.

 We always are looking for more people to join our coalition, if you are interested in joining or helping out, please contact us.



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