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TREK Outdoors enables youth in Clear Creek County to explore the natural beauty and outdoor activities offered by our county.  Our goal is for any young person in Clear Creek County to have access to the incredible outdoor recreation opportunities that exist right in our own backyard!

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Mountain Youth Network supports the concept of building leadership and life skills in youth through outdoor recreation.  Various situations in the outdoors can be used to emphasize important skills such as resiliency, teamwork, empathy, responsibility, problem-solving, and communication. Participants will also develop technical skills in activities like hiking, backpacking, rafting, snow camping, snowshoeing, and climbing.  Mentorship, mindfulness, and teambuilding will be incorporated into activities to foster engagement and connection.  

TREK Outdoors for Leadership Skills

Previous TREK Outdoors Adventures!

St. Marys Glacier Hike






On July 30th of this year, we had a small group hike up to the lake at St. Mary's Glacier. We had our wonderful guide Andrew Wolff give us the historical background and trivia questions about the hike!

Silver Dale Hike





In July of this year, we hiked the Silver Dale loop guided by Georgetown Outdoor Discovery. We had a blast learning about the historical significance of the trail and getting to spend time in the great outdoors! 

Snowshoeing at Easterseals





In February of this year, we went snowshoeing by the Easterseals Camp in Empire. This was our first snowshoe trip and it was so much fun that we will be doing more of these this winter as well!

Urad Lake Hike





In August 2019 we hiked up to Urad Lake, though the hike wasn't too strenuous, we enjoyed a full day of fun hanging around the lake!

Herman Gulch Hike





In July 2019 we hiked up to Herman Gulch and at the top of the moderately hard hike, we enjoyed views of beautiful wildflowers and of course the lake at the top!

Chicago Lakes Hike




In June 2019 we hiked up to Chicago Lakes and got to see beautiful snow-capped mountains and the beautiful lake!

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