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Mountain Youth Network Prevention Strategies were selected by coalition members in Phase 4 of the CTC process.  Strategies were listed in a menu of community and societal-level primary prevention SYSTEMS CHANGE strategies that could/would be funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. All prevention strategies on the menu were allowed with the goal of reducing risk factors and improving protective factors for adolescent substance abuse in Colorado. 

Community Mapping Strategy

Community Mapping Strategy was selected to address neighborhood attachment and community connection for youth in Clear Creek County.


  • This project aims to identify, improve, and increase youth-friendly spaces in our community. 

  • This team works with youth to assess the physical space in Clear Creek County from their perspective.

  • Information gathered in this effort can support possible community improvement projects.

  • This strategy is well underway.

Positive Youth Development Strategy

Positive Youth Development (PYD) was selected to enhance protection through Opportunities and Rewards for Prosocial Involvement.


  • PYD is an approach that guides communities in the way they organize services and supports so that all youth can be engaged. 

  • This team works to coordinate activities that will develop skills, create opportunities, and build authentic relationships for young people.

  • Training and awareness created in this effort benefit the community and the outcomes for young people who grow (up) in the community.  

  • This strategy is underway.

Policy Strategy

Building Community Support for Ordinances and Regulations for Establishments Selling Substances was selected to address the Perceived Availability of Substances by youth in Clear Creek County.


  • This project aims to enact policies/ordinances around access and exposure to substances and public substance use, potentially minimizing the perception that substances are easy to obtain and that substance use is a community norm. 

  • This team will work with community advocates and with youth to assess the current state of policies and ordinances related to substances and identify opportunities to enhance protection.
  • Progress in this effort can support reduced consumption among youth in the community.
  • This strategy will begin July 2020.


The 6 CTC WORKGROUPS make up an organizational structure that supports the various functions of the CTC process. The recommended Community Board (or coalition) structure includes the following:

Youth Involvement Workgroup

(aka TREK Teen Council)

The original CTC Youth involvement Workgroup in Clear Creek County evolved into our well known TREK Teen Council.  This group works together in Clear Creek County to:

●     Provide support to amplify youth voice in both coalition and community.

●     Mobilize youth for community involvement and participation in all activities of MYN

●     Create space for authentic youth/adult relationships and shared leadership

●     Identify meaningful opportunities for young people

●     Offer skill-building and training needed by young people

●     TREK Teen Council serves as youth advisory group for MYN 

*TREK Breakfast is first Friday each month during the school year (7:30am) in CCHS Media Center.* 


TREK Outdoors

Click here to learn more about TREK Outdoors

Data Workgroup

This group works together in Clear Creek County to:

●     Review youth survey results and public data (every 2-3 years)

●     Help community board prioritize youth outcomes risk factors

●     Monitor changes in community-level outcomes over time

Resource Assessment Workgroup

This group works together in Clear Creek County to:

●     Identify current community services addressing prioritized risk factors

●     Recognize service gaps in the community (for youth) and recommend solutions

●     Evaluate implementation of programs, policies  and practices (and strategies) selected to address local risk factors

This group works together in Clear Creek County to:

●     Create opportunities for promoting benefits, announcing outcomes

○     Quarterly newsletter to Key Leaders and coalition

○     Clear Creek Courant submissions

○     Social media planning and implementation

○     MYN website maintenance/updates

○     Manage and organize photos

○     TREK/CCHS Radio launch

○     TREK Youth Presentation Team

●     Identify opportunities to educate and involve community

○     Outreach for awareness

○     Recruitment for participation

Communications Workgroup

Board Maintenance Workgroup

This group works together in Clear Creek County to:

●     Build and sustain MYN Coalition

○     Keep coalition healthy and effective. 

○     Develop onboarding process for new board members

●     Establish decision-making protocols (operating procedures)

●     Review and report annual Coalition Survey results

●     Foster team-building and recognition activities for Community Board

Funding & Strategic Planning Workgroup

This group works together in Clear Creek County to:

●     Identify funding needs and possible funding sources

○     Communicate with potential funders

○     Coordinate fund raising efforts

●     Develop a strategic funding plan to support MYN strategies, programs and activities

●     Facilitate the writing of grants, proposals or fund raising documents

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