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Summer TREK Breakfast Outdoors

Over the past summer break, TREK Breakfasts were held outside where members could relax, relish in the outdoors and enjoy team bonding activities in addition to normal meeting discussion.

TREK volunteers help out at theGTIS

TREK members and other youth volunteers hand out popsicles to thirsty runners at the finish line of the GTIS Half Marathon.

NVN Presentation at Carlson

Members of TREK No Vape Squad present to students at Carlson about the deadly vaping epidemic. It was a part of the No Vape November proclamation signed by the governor of Colorado.

TREK Visioning Workshop

TREK Members sit hard at work to come up with what they believe TREK's vision statement should be.

TREK at Club Rush 2019

TREK Members volunteer at CCHS Club Rush 2019 to inform their peers about TREK Teen Council.

Cheerleaders volunteer for the GTIS

CCHS Cheerleaders volunteer at the GTIS at the Mountain Youth Network popsicle stand.

Community Mapping Presentation at City H

Emma, Bode, Hugh, Campbell, and Bodie present to Idaho Springs City Council about their Community Mapping project.

Newspaper Articles!

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